## Choosing projects that reduce suffering - ### Reduce suffering - Contribute to net reduction of suffering in the world - **Why?** That’s what [my moral code](https://invertedpassion.com/my-moral-code/) dictates. - ### Efficiently - Should have one of the highest bang for the buck out of all options - **Bang** - Net reduction of suffering - Calculation of this requires a [[Measures of suffering]] #openquestion - **Buck** - Time and money invested - **Why?** That’s the rational thing to do. - **Limits to the process:** - How long to keep searching? [[When it comes to reducing suffering, how to balance exploration vs exploitation?]] #openquestion - ### Ignored cause - [[Replacebility / counter-factuals / ignored cause]] - Counterfactuals - Cause should be relatively ignored. That is, if you have a reasonable guess that it would anyway happen within next X (say 5) years, there's no point in doing it. - [[What timeline a suffering-reduction project should accelerate to be considered sufficiently ignored?]] What should this X be? Is 5 okay? #openquestion - **Why**: if something would anyway get achieved, what's the point of investing your energy in it? - ### Uses my strengths - Should align with what I'm good at and what I naturally enjoy - **Why**: I'll be most effective / be the best person to do it - **What I'm good at / naturally enjoy** - Thinking, reading, and writing about the nature of reality - Creating projects, especially those that require coding - Thinking, reading, writing about consciousness - Understanding complicated topics and distilling them in essays - Discovering and donating to underfunded causes where money can make an impact - Clear thinking, rationality and probablitstic thinking under uncertainity